After several technical, non-technical books, occasional random blog posts, videos about blockchain in the past, I still found blockchain misleading, confusing, unintuitive. It is not about cryptography, not about the distributed network, not about the database design, not about software architect, etc.

Literally, chains of blocks of data.

Today, HBR’s…

Today, I watched the 2-hour DeepMind AlphaGo documentary. Astonishing.

The editor Cindy Lee did fantastic work on the editing and drama-style storytelling. I first heard this match-up news years ago. At that time, the news didn’t surprise me much. I (like many others) thought computer programs beating humans wasn’t fresh…

Affordance tells a product what it enables to do and what it disables to do.

Example of window, twitter 140, stairs wall, door handle/plate

Weiming Chen

(aka gilzero). I occasionally write about Software Development, Web Development, Machine Learning.

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